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Total Podiatry offers a full range of podiatric treatments for foot and lower limb complaints and injuries.

We use our 360° assessment process to identify the ultimate cause of the complaint and propose a treatment and rehabilitation programme to reduce discomfort and restore function.

We also have a preventative care programme which can help to avoid injury and identify ways to avoid long term joint and soft tissue damage.

At Total Podiatry we assess, diagnose and treat many common conditions of the feet and lower limb such as:

• Localised foot, ankle and knee pain

• Lower limb injuries

• Corns and callouses

• Verrucae

• Bunions

• Ingrowing toe nails

• Athletes foot and fungal nails

• Dermatological skin and toe conditions

While the causes of some conditions are easily visible and identified there are those which are less obvious and related to the structure of the foot or lower limb. In addition to general care and foot maintenance we can identify and treat those conditions which require more specialist attention including sports podiatry, pediatric care, walking abnormalities and afflictions related to diabetes and arthritis.

Foot and lower leg pain and injury will affect your overall mobility. Being unable to get around or to only do so while in pain has an impact on your quality of life. This is not normal and we can help you.

Often the causes are fully treatable, especially when detected early. Ignoring the early signs of misalignment or injury can, however, result in long term damage or referred pain in other parts of the body.

Our 360° assessment process will identify the root causes of pain and allow us to make a diagnosis and work to promote full recovery of foot and lower limb problems.

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