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Suffering from Corns & Calluses?

Dr. Alphonse Tribuiani is the #1 Clewiston, Naples & Estero Corns & Calluses Foot Doctor / Podiatrist


Corns are rounded bumps that often appear dry, waxy, or discolored. Like calluses, they are caused by excessive, repeated pressure on the foot. Unlike calluses, corns have a core that points inward. That core can press on nerves and cause intense pain. (The thickening of the skin that occurs with both corns and calluses is called hyperkeratosis.)  Corns often can be treated with cushioned pads and proper footwear; if they persist, Total Podiatry can remove them.


Calluses are flat areas of tough, thickened skin caused by repeated pressure or rubbing against your foot. They are your body’s way of protecting the inner layers of your skin; by turning the outer surface hard. Calluses are often found on the bottoms of the feet but can also form on the tops and sides of the feet and the heels—especially if there are seams inside your shoes that rub against your feet.  We can pare down thickened skin or trim a large corn with a scalpel, usually during a single office visit. Don’t try this yourself because it could lead to an infection. And if you have diabetes or another condition that causes poor blood flow, you should definitely consult with us before treating a corn and callus on your own.

If you are in the vicinity of Naples corns are completely treatable by Dr. T.   Call Total Podiatry today to rid yourself of ugly and painful corns or calluses.

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