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Laser Therapy Treatment & Benefits

At Total Podiatry, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and with our advanced laser procedures we can effectively treat a wide range of conditions including toenail fungus, spider veins, and scars. Call us today to find out more how these treatments can help you.

[tavc_service_v1 heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”13″ title=”Nail Fungus” desc=”Nail Fungus is a difficult fungal infection of the toe nails. With traditional treatments such as oral medications and topical creams showing limited success, lasers open up a breakthrough treatment which targets the source of the infection beneath the nail plate, clearing the nail fungus within a few short treatment sessions.”]
[tavc_service_v1 heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”13″ title=”Spider Veins” desc=”Spider veins, like varicose veins, are raised, twisted veins visible on the skin’s surface. Generally red, blue or purple in color, they look like clusters of tiny tree branches or spider webs. While spider veins do not hurt, they can be unsightly. At Total Podiatry, we use the latest laser treatments. It is a non-invasive treatment which can be performed on an outpatient basis.”]
[tavc_service_v1 heading_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”13″ title=”Scars” desc=”A scar is an unpleasant reminder of a healthy body process created when your skin repairs a wound caused by accident, infection, or surgery. Today skin laser technology to remove or reduce scars is a common procedure. With lasers, scars can be lessened significantly and possibly erased, depending on the severity. Come in today for a consultation on laser scar treatment.”]
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Join us in celebrating National Doctor's Day Open House Celebration!  Take the opportunity to visit our fashionable new office, meet Dr. T and the staff, and enjoy some aperatives and libations.  Drop by and discover why Naples Illustrated recently revealed that  Dr. Tribuiani has been chosen by his peers as Naples Top Podiatry Physician of 2022!