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Estero Foot Arthritis Treatment Clewiston

Estero Foot Arthritis Treatment Clewiston

Put an End to The Suffering with Effective Arthritis Treatment

Contrary to popular misconception, arthritis is not a single condition. Instead there are a handful of specific types of arthritis of the ankle and foot which we treat at Total Podiatry. When it comes to 30+ joints in the ankle and foot, there are numerous conditions which can cause swelling in the joints.

Which Arthritic Conditions affect the Ankle and Foot?

In looking at the different causes of joint pain in the lower limbs, it is possible to develop any of the following:

  • Osteoarthritis (OA)-This condition caused by natural wear and tear over time is caused by the protective joint linings becoming worn down to the point it can be painful to move an affected joint.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)- The problem here is not usage over time, but rather a chronic inflammatory disease where the body’s own immune system begins to attack regular body tissues, including the joint lining. Presently, this condition cannot be cured, so treatment is centered around relieving symptoms.
  • Gout-Typically affecting the joint located at the base of big toe, gout is a form of arthritis which develops from an excessive amount of uric acid buildup and crystallization. In gout, either the uric acid produced is an excessive amount or not disposed. When gout settles into joints, it forms crystals which have sharp edges and can press into soft tissue and cause severe pain.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis– In some cases an early onset of osteoarthritis can be attributed to damage sustained during a traumatic event. This can be the case when you break the end of a bone (the part forms part of a joint). The actual post-traumatic arthritis might begin to develop months after the injury, although it may take several years as well.

What are the Nonsurgical Treatment Options for Arthritis?

It is always our hope at Total Podiatry to help you find pain relief without needing to use surgical intervention. Whether or not we are able to do so will depend on various factors, including the severity of the symptoms and your lifestyle goals. Medication, orthotic devices, and physical therapy are all possible nonsurgical treatment options. Anti-inflammatory medications are particularly beneficial in relieving pain from swollen joints. Exercise is also an especially great form of arthritis treatment. Surprised? Remember the major symptoms of arthritis are joint stiffness and pain. There are definite benefits of incorporating exercise as part of your arthritis treatment, such as increased flexibility, stronger muscles, lower body weight, and improved flexibility.

Arthritis Treatment at Total Podiatry

No matter the kind of arthritis that you may have you can trust our team at Total Podiatry to work hard to provide the care you need. So for more information on arthritis of the ankle and foot-or to request an appointment-Call (239) 949-2121 (Main Office) o (863) 983-2341 (Clewiston)


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Dr. Alphonse Tribuiani

Dr. Alphonse R. Tribuiani, DPM, FACFAS has been in practice in Southwest Florida for over eighteen years and has been one of the leaders in anti-fungal/anti-bacterial skin and nail treatments. Dr. Tribuiani formulated and created Deep Cover System® treatment, which was the first fashion line to help cure unsightly nail fungus and skin disorders. These products were sold throughout the United States.
He received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey and his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia. He completed a one year surgical and medical residency at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia followed by a two-year surgical residency at Crozer-Keystone Health System where he received extensive training in trauma and re-constructive surgery of the foot and ankle with special emphasis on diabetic limb salvage, Charcot reconstruction and wound care management.
He has been featured in local and nation television and magazines including FOX News, NBC, Shop NBC, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, and Allure magazines.​

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