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Treatments For Toe Troubles

Treatments for Toe Troubles

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Have you ever thought about how important your toes are? After all, they help you stand taller and jump higher yet rather than being doted on, these 5 digits are mistreated on a daily basis! Here are three ways you could be mistreating you toes without even knowing it:
  1. Wearing shoes that don’t fit well. Those pointy-toes shoes are super cute, but could be wreaking havoc on your toes. High heels might not hamper your style, but they can certainly hinder your toe health. Shoes that are too narrow or tight can put pressure on places causing a plethora of problems. Footwear faux pas like these can lead to painful ingrown toenails, an aggravated bunion, hammertoes, corns and discolored toenails.

Solution: Make sure that shoes fit, talk to me about Pillows for the Feet, and save the stilettos for special occasions.
  1. Wearing the wrong shoes for what you are doing. You wouldn’t go for a run in a ballerina slipper, nor would you head out for a hike in high heels. Wearing a shoe that’s inappropriate for the activity is asking for problems like a broken toe, nerve issues(called neuromas), and even the onset of arthritis from an injury.

Solution: Get the right tennis, boat, golf, or running shoe for the activity you plan to do!
  1. Wearing no shoes at all. Living in Florida with our warm weather we love to roam the house and the outdoors without shoes. Fungal toenails and athlete’s foot can find their way with toes if you bare them in places like locker rooms, gym showers, and community pools.

Solution: two words: shower shoes!
Can you believe that a poor choice of footwear (or lack of) can be to blame for so many toe tribulations? It’s true.
Solution: Stop mistreating your toes and give them some gratitude for all they do. Call Total Podiatry at 239-949-2121 if you have a toe problem you need to correct!

Dr. Alphonse Tribuiani

Dr. Alphonse R. Tribuiani, DPM, FACFAS has been in practice in Southwest Florida for over eighteen years and has been one of the leaders in anti-fungal/anti-bacterial skin and nail treatments. Dr. Tribuiani formulated and created Deep Cover System® treatment, which was the first fashion line to help cure unsightly nail fungus and skin disorders. These products were sold throughout the United States.
He received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey and his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia. He completed a one year surgical and medical residency at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia followed by a two-year surgical residency at Crozer-Keystone Health System where he received extensive training in trauma and re-constructive surgery of the foot and ankle with special emphasis on diabetic limb salvage, Charcot reconstruction and wound care management.
He has been featured in local and nation television and magazines including FOX News, NBC, Shop NBC, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, and Allure magazines.​

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